Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Taking a picture every day for the whole year. There were a few people on Scrapbook Star doing it so I thought I'd join in. Here are the pictures from the first week.
January 1st: Skating with Linden
January 2nd: Testing the camera to see if it still worked after me (and it) falling on the ice
January 3rd: Linden and Rhys playing on the many snow piles around here - we don't get much snow but this year we have had records of it and the boys love it
January 4th: Rhys loves to make board games and we decided to make a "real" one
January 5th: Flooding in Mike's office
January 6th: Some projects I am working onJanuary 7th: Warmer weather means puddles and lots of them. I am so glad I finally got me some rain boots!

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Jemma said...

Great Photos Fleur!! although im not sure you want to remember the fall :( love your boots and there is nothing more fun than splashing around like that!! :)