Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Good Life

I wanted to get some of the Scrapbook Nerd challenges done this week and I really loved the idea of Joys challenge which was to "Capture your day or a loved ones day in numbers" . Instead of a day I thought I would capture a year in numbers - my son's year at Studio West.

I used watercolors to make the hearts then outlined them in black and added some tidbits about his year.  5 classes, 3 company, 11 competitions, 3 1st places, 4 2nd place and 3 3rd places.

I added some other journaling and stats on the back of the layout as well.  He had such an amazing year and is looking forward to next year.
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Birthday Wishes

I couldn't believe the box of goodies I got from Me and My Big Ideas, I was so excited!  I knew immediately I wanted to make a mini album and I knew the 8x8 page kit would make a great base for a mini album. 

The 8x8 page kits have everything you need to make 8x8 pages including stickers and chipboard.  I folded the pages in half and glued them together, then I folded in the side to make the pages 4x6".  I scalloped the edges of the folded side and added the fun stickers and embellishments to the pages. 

I can't get enough of the new Epiphany Crafts Shape Studio Butterfly 25! It is the perfect size to add to any project.

I also used the MAMBI clear stickers in this mini album, the gold stickers are beautiful.

I also added some fun MAMBI puffy arrow stickers.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Whistler Road Trip

My friend and I (with the kids) went up to Whistler for a dance Competition.  We had so much fun singing in the car and enjoyed the drive.  I love road trips.

I used the Crate Paper Open Road collection, I can't get enough of these chipboard frames they are awesome.

I also love the journaling cards that came with this collection.

We had a great time in Whistler and I can't wait for the next road trip.
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Friday, August 22, 2014

Beach walk

My favorite place in the world is the beach - I love the sand and the waves crashing on the shore.  This summer we didn't go as often as I would have liked but we did get there a few times and walked along the shore.

I used a Paige Evans layout as inspiration for my layout I loved the strips of patterned paper and thought it would be a great way to use up my 6x6 paper pad.

I also have some Dear Lizzy foam letters I have been hoarding but thought it was time to use them.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

More PL/365

More PL/365 pages done :)
Learning the finale dance for the recital, making coke slushees, fun candy - see the MoJo's anyone remember those? and some on stage rehearsals.

So we saw this video on Youtube (see below) on how you can turn a bottle of Coke into a slushee in your freezer.  I thought no way but after some experimentation it actually works - so cool.

For Linden's Stage Courtney (his teacher) made the most awesome props for the kids, cars for most of the kids but Linden got a video game machine.  He wanted to keep it so for now it's sitting in his room.

Mike playing with the kids, with the teacher strike here in BC we had to move up the year end assembly for school.  I am just glad after all the work I did people got to watch the video.  It was awesome and the kids sang along to all the songs.

Linden has definitely found his passion, he loves being up on stage and I love watching him.

 For Father's Day we made Dad some special pancakes in bed.

We celebrated Sophia's birthday by taking her out to Starbucks for some birthday treats.
A visit from Rhys (out of his room shocker), new Epiphany Craft punches, all dressed up to see Wicked.
I love these new punches can't wait to use them :)
Fist strawberries from the garden, more Buttons, my oldest son's computer set up and some really sad news.
I was really sad to learn that 2 Peas was closing.  It was the first place I uploaded a layout to share with people and one of the places I visited everyday for inspiration.  The Garden Girls were amazing and I will really miss going there for inspiration.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Whistler Fun

We passed the Whistler Inukshuk every time we would walk to the dance competition so we decided to stop and take some photos with it.  At night it's lit up blue and green but in the day it's just an awesome rock sculpture. 
I used the Crate Paper Open Road collection for this layout.  I love it more and more every time I use it. 

I especially love the frames and die cuts perfect for any travel layouts.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

That's What I Like About You

My husband and I recently had our 23 anniversary and I knew I wanted to make him something for our special day.  I decided to use the song lyrics from the first song we ever danced too the first night we met.  It was a song from The Romantics called What I Like About You.

I used my Silhouette and cut some of the lyrics from a piece of patterned paper from the new Crate Paper Open Road Collection.  Then I added a photo of us from when we first met in 1986 and a current photo from last month.

Then I added a photo of us from when we first met in 1986 and a current photo from last month.
We look so young in this photo :)

I added chipboard, die cuts and stickers to add some fun layers around the frames.
I added lots of fun embellishments and I am still in love with the chipboard frames.

I really love how this layout turned out.
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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Linden's Portfolio

I am pretty much up to date on Linden's Scrapbook/Portfolio.  Just need to add a few more embellishments to some of the pages.
Here are a few of the ones I did from this year. First up - Company Musical Theatre - Crusin' for a Bruisin'

I loved this song from the Teen Beach Movie and was glad they chose it for this class.

These photos my husband took at one of the competitions and I love them.  They did great with this class and out of three competitions got 2 first places and 1 second place.

All Boyz Hip Hop was crazy as usual.  It's always a high octane performance from these boys.

I loved the running stunt they performed this year and was so glad they pulled it off at recital time.

Company Hip Hop was fun, he loves getting buck - ha ha.  He even made up an original move this year called the Unicorn (hence the pose at the left).

It was a tough routine but every time they performed it they got better and better.

I will share the rest later this week.
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Monday, August 11, 2014

Road Trip

Where do you get inspiration from?  I was inspired to do this layout when I saw the cover of the Studio Calico Wanderlust Paper Pad.

I loved the big triangles and decided to use it as a jump off point for my next layout.

I cut the triangles from the patterned paper and added them in the same order as they were on the cover of the paper pad.

I also got the Wanderlust roller stamp and I love it - the words are perfect for any travel/road trip layouts and I know it will get used in my PL too.

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