Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Top Ten Reasons I Love My Bind-It-All

And there are many more than 10!

10. I love the size of the Zutter - it is small enough to fit on my messy desk and I can take it to my classes easily!
9. How resonably priced the machine, the covers and the Owires are!
8. It can punch through just about anything! I have tried acrylic, chipboard, clip board wood, felt, paper, cd's, old records, thin leather and tin.
7. It's pink!
6. It is so versatile. I can make mini albums, home decor, cards, wall hangings, boxes, bags and more!
5. I love all the different sizes of Owires and the colors. My favorite is the 5/8" brown - I use it all the time!
4. It let's me be creative and think outside the box!
3. I can make beautiful handmade gifts for family, friends and teachers!
2. I can use it with my kids, they love making journals, gifts for their friends and just having fun with it!
1. The number 1 reason is just it's an amazing machine that is so much fun and I couldn't imagine my life without it - I love it!

P.S. I made the photo collage with Shape Collage - isn't it cool!

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aussiescrapper said...

I love following your blog, I would so love a bind it all, saving up, looks really useful for me with a cute little 3 yr old, lots of brag books to make for the grandies. Melxx