Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Bind-It-All is the best!

I am copying this post from my friend Nan because she did a great detailed comparison of the Bind It All and that "other" binding machine (that costs $25 more) on the market. Here's her post and to check out her video head on over to her blog.

Ok, admittedly I am a little biased. I have worked with the BIA since day one - and I do mean day one! I have always thought that the Bind-it-All is a clever crafting tool - so much versatility, and even after all these years, my original tool is still going strong. I my Bind-it-All all the way!

Both my original blue Bind-it-All and the Bind-it-All V2.0 fit within the space of 1 of these other tools! I don't know about you, but my craft space is at a premium!
One BIA weighs less than half of the Cinch.

So when a competitive tool was introduced earlier this year, I was skeptical, but open-minded. But, after taking one for a test scrap this weekend, I am not only still (very)skeptical, but thoroughly convinced that nothing comes close to what the Bind-it-All can do (and with quality and consistency).

BINDING: I work in advertising, so I appreciate and understand the power of comparative marketing. But this is as close as I can get to the "Pepsi Challenge" of punching and binding. I used both tools side by side to make a few different projects. This is what I got: UGH!

Bound with the competitive tool: The Cinch
Egg-shaped owires - I had nothing but problems with the owire closure.

No matter how many times I tried, the pre-set owire settings on the Cinch failed to create a nicely shaped "o" for the owire. If you watch the video, you can see some of my many attempts. The Bind-it-All in contrast has micro-adjustment settings. You can set the tool for proper owire sizes and then adjust in small increments if you desire a tighter or looser owire closure. I am a stickler for nice "o" shapes, so hands down this lack of function is a big red NO for me. I got rather frustrated while shooting the video, as I went through a boat load of owire trying to get it to work for me. I did give it a good try, even more times off camera. But, it does illustrate how much better the Bind-it-All is for getting the correct outcome.

Here's the link to her video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4Eq2N1MW_A&feature=player_embedded#!

PUNCHING: There is a difference between the two tools in the engineering of the punching action. No doubt some will find it easier to punch with a larger handle on the Cinch, with materials laying flat rather than the Bind-it-Alls vertical format. The Cinch handle got in my way a little bit - but that could just be me. But it did feel like by my holding the material in place in the flat position, the handle would get in the way. It's a matter of preference - and I have no problem doing punching with my BIA. In fact, the punching action on the BIA makes a point to keep fingers out of the way of the handle and the punching action. What also bothers me with the Cinch punch are the round shaped holes. They look out of proportion to me, even more so on smaller punched projects. Again, this is a matter of preference, but they just look too big....

The Bind-it-All also has the versatility to punch holes closer to the edge of the page with the optional Space Bar - which is extremely helpful when using smaller owire sizes (but small owire sizes don't matter with the Cinch, as you will read below). And, the Bind-it-All requires less length of owire overall. On this 4" piece, the Cinch punches 7 holes to BIA's 6. I would rather punch with less owire. Call me crazy, but why use more when you don't have to?

On a 4" piece, the BIA punches 6 holes and uses less owire.

Back to those big round holes....on this teeny project, those holes look enormous. The Bind-it-All holes don't distract the eye. The rectangles are balanced...maybe it's just me, but it looks cleaner and less holey, more professional. I really don't want to notice the holes on my projects, if you know what I mean, And, in the above photo, the Bind-it-All is bound with 3/8" owire. Perfect for the small project. The smallest the other tool can accommodate is 3/4" which looks enormous comparatively. Much too big for smaller projects.

Lastly, with regards to punching. The Bind-it-All does have variable punching settings - one that allows for the professional binding of "inner pages". As you can see on the Bind-it-All bound book - with the white inner pages - there is a nice overhanging of the covers. This is a punching option on the Bind-it-All (use "C" and "D" stop guide settings) that the other tool does not have. It's another nice versatility plus for the BIA.

So versatility and customizability - hands down the BIA ranks best!

Which brings me to owire........

OWIRE: Both tools use the same 2:1 ratio owire - meaning two holes (or loops of wire) per inch. However, the Cinch has only 5 pre-set owire closure settings (and you already know how I feel about those pre-set settings and lack of closing consistency), thus can handle only the five larger owire sizes you see here. So unless you are only binding "War & Peace" thick projects on a regular basis, you have no flexibility for smaller creativity. The Bind-it-All - again with variable adjustment settings - can handle it all.

OTHER STUFF: Then there are the other issues, like size, weight, and general bulkiness. I know scrappers are generally tool lovers, but for me and others I know, space and convenience are an issue....so who wants bigger and heavier when the Bind-it-All does more with less space and weight (and for less $ too). Really? $99.99 for that one, and the Bind-it-All for 25% less!!!

I understand the appeal of the branding with a cute little pink bug and the concept of making something easy. The makers of the Cinch manufacture other tools that are wonderful and that I use and enjoy. But I find it hard to improve upon punching and binding perfection. So, after what I think is a fair test on my part, I am standing thoroughly behind my favorite crafting tool - the Bind-it-All! The BEST!

If you've tried both, would love to know what you think. If you love your BIA, tell me that too :)

Thanks Nan!

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Jemma said...

thanks for the comparism i have a BIA and from your review im going to be sticking with it :)