Saturday, January 22, 2011

365 - Week 3

I can't believe 3 weeks have flown by! Here's week #3 in pictures.

January 15th - Most Saturdays find us here at the soccer field - we call it Soccer Saturdays :). Today Rhys' team won which is always a good day.

January 16th - Buttons is the best cat - she loves to walk with us outside, play tag with the boys (she always wins) and play hide and seek with me and my camera. She always finds me LOL.

January 17th - Mike found the boys old Game Boy Advance from 2002 (that's 10 years ago :0) and even though the games were really cheesy Linden still played it.

January 18th - The moon was so cool on my way home from work it looked like the sun. I guess the crazies might be coming out tonight :)

January 19th - Wednesday is Piano day. Linden is sitting with his piano teacher Jen listening to her play his choice for his competition piece "Africa" by Toto. He picked it becasue it was my Dad's favorite song and he know I always say hi to my Dad (who has passed away) every time I hear it. Guess I'll be saying hi lots in the next few months :)

January 20th - Our school (Port Guichon) won the Ladner boys pinguard tournament. They were so excited and it was a blast to watch them take home gold :)

January 21st - I bought a new purse a few nights ago and wanted to add some flowers to it so I spent today playing with flowers which I don't do a lot and it was fun :)

Well 3 weeks down 49 more to go!


Janet Z said...

You are on a roll Fleur! Great photos.

Cheryl said...

Love what you did with the purse and your cat is absolutely adorable!

Barbara said...

I really love your photos for this week. What a great thing it will be to look back over at the end of the year.