Saturday, February 12, 2011

365 - Week 6

Another week - where do they go?

February 5 - So thankful for Linden's soccer coach - he is awesome!

February 6 - Lindsey makes really yummy treats for our classes :)

February 7 - Mike works while I watch TV (and Buttons tries to get snuggle)

February 8 - We are so luck to live in Ladner - this is just a few steps outside our front door. It was a beautiful sunset!

February 9 - Saw this beautiful bald eagle in a tree this morning - he was huge!

February 10 - A frosty morning dropping the kids of at school.

February 11 - Friday night soccer practice, outside on gravel, cold, raining, and the boys still have fun - I don't get it :) (this picture was taken with my cell phone as my camera battery died on me)

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Janet Z said...

You are doing so great with keeping up on your photos!