Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Soccer Wind Up

Soccer is over for another season and to thank the coaches and parents for all their hard work Linden and I made mini albums for all the kids.

Linden helped me glue the photos in the books and bind them together with my Bind-It-All. Head on over to the Zutter Blog for more details.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Tina White said...

What you wrote on your blog is so very wrong.

It is a complete shame "your friend" is not willing to share ideas but feels the need to protect her layouts as if cutting paper and slapping a photo on it is a master piece of art.

I recommend to you and "your friends" not to post online, publish or apply to design teams, if you are unwilling to share.

Your behavior on scrapbook.com was uncalled for and very rude.
Then you brought you crap to another board, instead of letting it rest.

Shame on you for not respecting someone else in the gallery and allowing them to share their memories for others to enjoy.

Shame on you for posting to your blog as if you are free of sin.
The only victim here is the industry and people like you giving it a horrible name.