Monday, December 29, 2014

Top 14 of 2014

I think a perfect way to wrap up the year is to take a look back at all the amazing things that happened.  I always feel so lucky and blessed when I do this post.  2014 was another great year, the kids are getting older and more independent, I ended up working almost full time, Mike travelled alot and I managed to some paper crafting in there too.

# 14 - The year started off with the usual soccer games in the rain, dance classes, voice lessons,  Physio for Linden's wrist -  all the day to day stuff.   I am so glad I document the daily life - they always seem to be the memories we cherish.  I started Project Life this year and I know it will be amazing to look back at in a few years.

#13 - Every year for my husband's work we go to Whistler - for him its a working weekend but we still manage to find time for skiing, snowboarding and swimming in the snow.

#12 - February is a crazy month, Whistler, Valentine's Day, Linden's birthday, my birthday, and this year we also went to Gottacon in Victoria with Mike, the boys had a blast and my Mom even came along this year and we met up with my Mother In Law for High Tea at the Empress.

#11 - Rhys saved and saved for a new gaming computer - $1,700.00 and a few hours later he was the proud new owner of "The Beast".   I was so proud that he did all the work to put it together himself.

#10-  Linden finally got to tick off one of his bucket list items - going to the Great Wolf Lodge, we packed everyone in the car and drove down for a couple of days of fun at Spring Break.

#9 - This year Mike and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary - how crazy is that lol.

#8 - Oregon Trip - We went to Oregon for a road trip this year.  We had a blast and the scenery was amazing.


#7 - Some of my favorite moments from this year was watching Linden perform.  He is really becoming a great little singer and he is so lucky to have Jyla and Tracy in his life.  Here he is performing Footloose for his year end recital in June.

#6 - Aladdin.  Linden got the lead role in a theatrical production of Aladdin this year - he was awesome!  We had a fun after party for the cast.  It was a great time.

#5 - Finally a Gold.  After playing soccer for 10 years Rhys' team finally came away with a first place Gold Medal this year.  They worked really hard and it was well worth the wait!

#4 - Not all memories are good ones but they still need to be documented. Poor Buttons had a rough year.  She hurt her paw and broke her tail.  I am so glad she is okay and still around to drive us crazy :).  She is my light and joy.

#3 - Wicked.  We were given tickets to Wicked,  I was really sick so Mike took Linden - he loved it and they had a blast.

#2 - I couldn't imagine my life without Scrapbooking and paper crafting - all these memories would just be in my computer. Here's a few of my favorites from this year.

And last but definitely not least...
#1 - My little family, I love them and couldn't imagine my life without them. I am so blessed.

What were some of your fondest Memories from 2014?

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