Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2014 PL

I never did make it through all of 2014 with Project Life but I did make it all the way to November.  Here are a few of my final pages.  I ended up using the 2x2 Simple Stories pages and just getting it done.  I managed to finish September and October pretty quickly.

My hubby's birthday and he got to meet one of his favorite musicians Midge Ure.

I got a new Iphone 6 Gold.  I love it :)

Starting school and heading into rainy days.  My hubby also met Kevin from Kids in the Hall. 

Trumpet at Band for linden, Canucks game with Rhys, my Mom's birthday and my silly cat cleaning Linden.

Thanksgiving, Facetime with Dad while he travels and musicals.

Soccer started again, and fall traditions.

Halloween and baking pumpkin loaf.

I think I will try and get November done so I can say I completed a whole year. December will be done as I always do a December Daily album.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Joy Atkinson said...

This size is very interesting. These pages are great, I have used the 2x2 size very much, they look fun for mini books.