Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back to School Cool

So this is the Back to School Cool looks for 2011 and I had to laugh. It seems like the past, especially the 80's, is back in fashion. Here's what's hot...

Hot colors - jade, teal, bamboo, coffee, orchid, & phlox
• Nail polish colors - graphite, péridot and quartz
• Crackle nail polish
• New scented nail polish
• Chunky funky bracelets - MeBands are cool & collectible
• OppoRings
• Cool high tops, bold and bedazzled
• Funky jewelry - plastic bracelets
• Chunky rings
• Backpacks, multi-style and color
• Large watches
• Toms shoes - shoes that give back
• Retro sunglasses
• Trendy scarves (yes they are still in, and make great belts too.)
• Ballet flats
• Funky lunch bags - very eco-friendly
• Feather earrings
• Crochet detailing
• Blazers

Slap Bracelets are making a come back - I loved these

Retro Sunglasses - love both of these - Linden wants the shutter shades :)

Converse Hightops - so 80's

We are doing our back to school shopping this weekend can't wait to see what we end up getting LOL

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