Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happiness Project Week 4

I can't believe I have actually had the time to keep on top of this project.  With the kids home for summer it makes having scrapping time a little harder.  For this week my happiness came from things that have made me happy for a long time.

My first happy thing this week is Coke Slurpees, I have loved Coke Slurpees for as long as I can remember, in the summer there is no better way for me to cool down.  I was even more excited when they came out out a new refillable Slurpee cup that changes colors - so cool!

My second happy thing this week is going to the movies, we try and do things as a family as often as we can to stay connected and make us a stronger family.  One of the things we all love to do is go to the movies.  I think the boys like it more for the snacks (we always have tons of buttery popcorn, Twizzlers and sometimes they get those ice cream treats from the vending machine), but I love that we get to spend time together as a family.  This week we went and saw Spiderman.

I  love these little happy moments!  Thanks for stopping by.


Patricia Roebuck said...

These are so fun! Love them!

Shellye McDaniel said...

Sooo cute! love the colors that you chose for both pages

Kate Vickers said...

These are so cute, happy and fun! :) I love the whole feel of them.

teacher jessy said...

Those colors really put a smile to my face!! So happy and cheery. YOu do such beautiful work!