Monday, March 31, 2014

PL/365 share

I am behind which I knew would happen in February but I am not stressing about it will just do what I can, I really love seeing our daily life!  As I said February was a crazy month.  The Olympics, birthdays, two trips and more.

I had to find a suit for my son's Musical Theatre competition so we took a trip to a mall that was amazing, had an elevator in a water fall (we saw the backside of water) and every store we needed.

Getting a haircut, celebrating good marks and my kitty.

Isn't she adorable :)

A trip to Whistler for some skiing and snow boarding.

I used a full pocket page and kept some memorabilia in between the two pages.

This week we spent most of the time getting ready for a birthday party.

First signs of spring yay.

Valentine's Day.

Love these wood cards.

Celebrating some birthday's, my son had a Lego Movie Party and my Mom baked me my favorite cake.

I love that Linden designed his own cake using Lego pieces.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Tammy said...

Great pages! Sounds like a super busy month. Hopefully you will catch up in no time. :)