Monday, July 14, 2014


Still behind, still playing catch up lol.

I finally broke down and bought some PL cards - I got the Amy Tan Plus One mini collection and the Dear Lizzy Daydreamer collection.  I have to say it make it a lot easier to just pick some cards and work with them but I don't like the rounded edges and the way they sit in the pockets.  I think after I use these up I will go back to using the 6x6 paper pads.

More competitions this week and Linden did great - my favorite Nicest Kids In Town is awesome I love the costumes.
Practice outside.

Mother's Day was so fun, the kids made me breakfast in bed and I got flowers, a new cup and a Starbucks GC.

we also spent the day with my Mom out at Steveston and went to Pajos for fish and chips - yum :)

Scrappy goodies from Scrapbook Nerd, babysitting and playing with chalk, head butts from buttons and a cute girls birthday.

I love that Scrapbook Nerd stamps Happy Mail on their boxes :)

A trip to Whistler for some dance competitions with my friend Jeannine. 

We stayed at her time share and had a blast at the pool the weather was amazing.

We walked around Whistler, met up with friends for dinner and even got to see the Sheepdogs in concert.

For this day I used a Simple Stories Flip page to add a bit more about a story that happened the first day of competition.  The kids were playing around in the pool area and when they came back Linden had a big scrape on his face and wrist.  They all said he got it when he tripped on a carpet.  This was one hour before competition and it looked nasty.  He said he was okay and we headed off to the competition.
He did awesome and they got first place.  He was in a lot of pain and it looked way worse then just a rug burn.  Well I found out just after the competition that he actually fell when they were playing around on the Treadmill in the gym which they weren't supposed to be on.  One of the kids couldn't lie and told her Dad.  I decided to leave it and not ruin the whole weekend but just to test him and the other friend I asked them several times what happened and they stuck to their story.  I just really watched him and it seemed to be fine.  He made it through the rest of the weekend without any problems.  I am just glad it wasn't worse than it was.

 He competed in Hip Hop and the other Musical Theatre and did awesome as always even if the judging was terrible.
We finished off the trip with some yummy Sushi and one last trip to El Furniture which was awesome.

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