Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Behind as always lol here's some more PL/365 pages:
May Days time in Ladner, always a fun weekend!  Rides, food, parades and shows.

Tracy and Tony performed a Johnny Cash show at May Days it was awesome.

More everyday life hanging with cat and going for walks.

I love that Linden likes to text me and send me funny photos - it's awesome.

Hanging out with Dad, driving a stick and haircuts.

They are so alike these two.

Studio West Dance Photo Day, my beautiful neighbourhood and working on the Year End video for Port Guichon.

Summer is here and brings beautiful flowers and fruit.

We also made the national news for an outbreak of the Norovirus that hit my son's high school.  Over 300 sick the first day and then half the school (around 700) the second day.  We were lucky we didn't get it.

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