Wednesday, August 20, 2014

More PL/365

More PL/365 pages done :)
Learning the finale dance for the recital, making coke slushees, fun candy - see the MoJo's anyone remember those? and some on stage rehearsals.

So we saw this video on Youtube (see below) on how you can turn a bottle of Coke into a slushee in your freezer.  I thought no way but after some experimentation it actually works - so cool.

For Linden's Stage Courtney (his teacher) made the most awesome props for the kids, cars for most of the kids but Linden got a video game machine.  He wanted to keep it so for now it's sitting in his room.

Mike playing with the kids, with the teacher strike here in BC we had to move up the year end assembly for school.  I am just glad after all the work I did people got to watch the video.  It was awesome and the kids sang along to all the songs.

Linden has definitely found his passion, he loves being up on stage and I love watching him.

 For Father's Day we made Dad some special pancakes in bed.

We celebrated Sophia's birthday by taking her out to Starbucks for some birthday treats.
A visit from Rhys (out of his room shocker), new Epiphany Craft punches, all dressed up to see Wicked.
I love these new punches can't wait to use them :)
Fist strawberries from the garden, more Buttons, my oldest son's computer set up and some really sad news.
I was really sad to learn that 2 Peas was closing.  It was the first place I uploaded a layout to share with people and one of the places I visited everyday for inspiration.  The Garden Girls were amazing and I will really miss going there for inspiration.

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