Thursday, July 4, 2013

Summer Camp Photo Scavenger Hunt

Scrapbook Nerd Summer Camp starts today and we are kicking it off with a Photo Scavenger Hunt.  All summer long I will be posting a new Photo Scavenget Hunt picture to the list (they must be new photos) and if you upload them to the Scrapbook Nerd gallery and link them to the post you will be eligible for the first badge - photography.  I will also draw a prize at the end of the summer from all the participants.

You're first Photo Scavenger Hunt picture is...The Beach.  Here's some photos I took at the beach this week.
My son loves beach combing and there were a lot of hermit crabs you can see them all over the sand behind him.
Love that he will still take photos with me :)
My oldest doens't like having his photo taken but I sneak them when I can - at the beach on his phone sigh

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Joy said...

These are great photos Fleur. Did you use your phone and a specific filter?