Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Watercolor Fun

For my Scrapbook Nerd technique week I decided to try my hand at some watercolor techniques I have seen in videos and make some PL 3x4 journaling cards.

I tried 2 different ways. The first was using Gelato's.

I rubbed the Gelatos over the paper and then added water and used my fingers to rub it in.

You could also use a brush but I found my fingers easier.  I wanted an ombre effect so I started heavy and lightened it up as I went down the paper.

Then to finish it off I added a sticker from the Crate Paper Notes and Things collection.

For the second attempt I used an old set of watercolor paints that were my sons.

I did the same ombre technique and started heavier at the top then added more water to the color as I moved down the paper.

I really love this look and it was really easy to do.

I think this one is my favorite.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Joy Atkinson said...

Those cards look awesome and easy to make. Thanks for sharing this idea.