Wednesday, March 16, 2011

365 - Week 10

What a crazy week - here's week 10 in photos.

March 5th - It was so beautiful at soccer today the sun was shining and we won what a great day!

March 6th - The Richmond Nature Park had a live owl show - isn't he the cutest little thing!

March 7th - Linden and I working on some mini albums we are making for his soccer team.

March 8th - Both my son's lost 2 teeth today for a total of 4 teeth - what's up with that.

March 9th - It seems like every day Linden comes out of school he wants a playdate. My little social butterfly. Here he is with his friend Charlotte.

March 10th - What a difference a couple of weeks make - it's 6pm and still light out (yay) and this is Rhys' last soccer practice of the sesaon.

March 11th - Ahhhhhh spring :)

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