Monday, March 7, 2011

365 - Week 9

Well I kind of blew it this week. I was playing single mom for 4 days when Mike went out of town so I forgot to take photos but luckily Mike took the camera to San Francisco with him :)

February 26 - Playing Soccer in the snow :)

February 27 - Mike went to San Francisco for work and took some photos when he had a chance to walk around.

February 28 - The Golden Gate Bridge.

March 1 - Mike went to Alcatraz

March 2 - There was a beautiful rainbow this morning I was so upset I didn't have my camera with me - I took this with my phone.

March 3 - OMG a bomb hit my desk (not really - it always looks like this)

March 4 - My cat Buttons loves to climb trees - not so much fun coming down though.

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