Thursday, March 24, 2011

365 - Week 11

Some weeks are harder than others to take pictures every day but I have really enjoyed doing it so far and hope I can keep it up for the whole year! Here's another peek into my life this week.

March 12th - I had to do 2 pictures today. It's the last day of soccer for this season. Linden had his Fun Day (which wasn't so fun in the cold rainy wind) and Rhys had hos gold medal game - they lost but Silver is great too!

March 13th - My mom dropped off a Corned Beef Pie for us for dinner tonight - It's been so long since I've had one and they are so yummy!

March 14th - I got him!! I finally got a picture of the Blue Heron, it took a few months but he didn't fly away from me :)

March 15th - The cherry blossoms are coming out - can't wait until they are in full bloom.

March 16th - Linden wanted to make a St. Patricks Day goodie for his class so we mage a baggie of Lucky Charms with a bag header that said "Have a Magically Delicious St. Patricks Day"

March 17th - One of my goals this year was to be published in Paper Crafts Magazine and today I got the most amazing news - they picked up one of my projects - WOOT!

March 18th - Celebrating Nicki's Birthday - these girls are so much fun!!

Thanks for stopping by!


Janet Z said...

You are doing so well at keeping up with all your photos and they are great!

Barbara said...

congrats on the publication! That's great.