Monday, March 23, 2015

Dance Mom Planner Page

I really wanted to get organized this year - what a perfect time for all these beautiful planners to be popular!  I loved the inserts that came with my Webster's Pages Color Crush Planner but I really wanted to have some very specific pages for my son's dance and couldn't find any that I ended up making some myself.

If you have a child or know a child that is in competitive dance you will know how all time consuming it can be, between classes, extra practices, recitals, on stage rehearsals, competitions, parades, and more recitals it seems like we live and breathe dance around here.  I wanted to keep track of all the information in my planner so it was handy all the time.

I created some Dance Mom pages that fit inside my Color Crush Planner and printed them out on thicker cardstock so I could add photos to them.  This is the first page I created and I will have one of these for each of the classes he is in (this year it's 5).  

It has space for the class information like date and time, instructor and music/name.  Then I created a space to list all the competitions he will have for each class.  The Company (or competitive) classes have to compete a minimum of three times but usually four times each).

I also wanted a space where I could add details of his costume and a photo of him dressed in each costume as a guide so when we pack up for recitals or competitions we have a reference point of what he is supposed to look like.  This costume is so awesome he loves the diamond sweats and plaid shirt and I love that he can wear it after dance is done for the year!

If you would like to have these pages to use in your planner please email me with your address and I will send you a PDF you can print out and use for free!

I am also working on several other pages that relate more to dance and soccer and other pages that will help me towards my goal of being organized.  If you have any suggestions or have any ideas please drop me an email.

Thanks for stopping by.