Friday, March 18, 2016

Midori Catch Up

I posted a quick video on my channel today - a quick catch up on my Midori's. In my previous post I showed the completed Wizard of Oz Midori and I am almost done the Midori for my son's Into the Woods show. I am using a Midori from Love Neen on Etsy and I added a charm with my Epiphany Crafts Round Tool. I really love the black plus sign Midori I should have gotten two!

I did the same process with this book but it ended up only being one book as it was less shows and rehearsals than Wizard of Oz was. Linden auditioned in September 2015 and was his usual goofy self.

I won't go through too much detail with the photos or this post will be long! The rehearslas were once a week and were local so no long driving which was nice.

I volunteered to plan the Cast Party at the end of the show which was so much fun.

After Wizard of Oz ended it was time to focus on Into the Woods and after many rehearsals we finally got to tech week at Metro Theatre in Vancouver. It was a super cool location.

Tony did an amazing job with the sets, the trees moved around the stage - so cool!

I also offered to do the cast wall and made big trees out of black paper and added the photos to it.

Watching rehearsals was so much fun, I snuck as many photos as I could.

Tony was the only adult in the cast he played the wolf and was amazing.

When I saw Linden in his Rapunzel Prince costume I loved it. Finally it was show time, Linden was in 4 shows total over three days and nailed it every time.

The kids had a blast at the cast party.

Now it's all over another bitter-sweet moment for me.

Here is the link for the video on my YouTube channel please stop by and let me know what you think.

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