Friday, March 11, 2016

Wizard of Oz Midori

I finally got the Wizard of Oz Midori for my son finished. There is nothing quite like knowing a project is complete. I think that's why I have always loved mini albums and now Midori's they are little treasure troves of pretty paper, cute embellishments, fun pictures and life!

I love this picture on the little charm I made, how cute are those Munchkins.

The cast had a Cabaret to celebrate how well the show was going. It was a blast.

Sneaking backstage to take photos of his costume rack.

They had a performance on New Years Eve so Linden and I got the kids noise makers, party hats and sparkling apple cider.  The last show was so bitter-sweet. 

A wind up cast party and the cutest gift from the Director Barb.

Look at all this goodness, I love the washi tape on the edges!

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