Monday, May 19, 2014

Catching Up

I am doing pretty good staying caught up with my PL/365 album so far but I am running out of room in my album all ready so i have ordered a new one and can't wait to try the new 2x2 and 3x3 square page protectors.

I love the Easter Creme Egg McFlurries yum,  Linden lost a tooth, my Mom is awesome she brought us a Corned Beef pie for dinner.  Rhys at Memory Express buying a new gaming computer - we forked out $1,700.00 yikes.

Mike and Rhys spent the next day putting together "The Beast", Linden loved hanging out at Dave's with his friends.

I love playing with pretty things :)

We had on owl in our front tree for a few nights which was pretty cool, the weather was awesome this week so the kids got out their scooters.

My oldest hates getting his picture taken, I don't blame him I take a lot of photos but I wanted him to know no matter what I will still keep taking photos even if he doesn't smile or tries to ruin them - I will find a way!!

Thanks for stopping by.

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Janet Zeppa said...

Too funny about your oldest son not wanting his photo taken!! I get the same look sometimes.