Monday, February 29, 2016

Planning Fun

I wanted to share how I set up my daily sheets in my Carpe Diem to prepare for the month ahead. I try and get them done at least a week or two before the end of the month and sometimes when I have time I will do 2 or three months ahead. I am keeping it pretty simple just using the washi tape to separate the days. I add in the usual work and extracurricular kids stuff first.

Then I fill in the birthdays and any other important events and highlight those with stickers.

I keep the post it note holder bookmark from Simple Stories on the day I am working on and then if I need to make a quick note I have one right there.

Then I add in the insert for my Project 365 and pick a coloured number that works with the pattern on the paper. I clip that in with one of the magnet clips. You can see I have all ready added 2 photos that I printed out.

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