Thursday, December 12, 2013

December Mini Album - Day 1 through Day 5

Day 1 - Nick the Elf came again this year - Special Delivery :)
Day 2 - The boys wrote their letters to Santa.
Day 3 - We did our Christmas Photo Shoot today, had to bribe the kids to come out and do it.  I had my son take a photo of Mike and I with my Iphone as well.
I used a Becky Higgins free digital download for the top photo which is the one that will be sent out with out Christmas cards.  The cat also got in on the picture taking as she followed us there and Linden grabbed her for a shot.

Day 4 - We went to to Richmond Centre to see Santa.

Santa is so awesome and always takes the time to listen to the kids and give out hugs.

 One of Linden's favorite parts was the trading cards that get handed out by Santa, Mrs. Claus and all the elves. 

We even got to meet Nissa the Queen Elf (in Magic she is the Queen Elf)

Day 5 Haircut for Linden's gig this weekend, he is one of the Peanut's Gang at the Jingle show.  Rhys also got his report card and made honour roll.  So proud of him.

Are you doing a December Mini album?  Are you keeping up to date?  So far so good for me.
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Mary Pat Siehl said...

loving the mini!!

Lisa Rukin Swift said...

This looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

Wow...your December album looks amazing!!! :) Evie

lil gik said...

Such sweet pages, it looks like a lot of great holiday moments have been taking place!

Sarah said...

Love the pages Fleur! Those trading cards are cool! I wish we had a fun Santa here...we finally just got a new one last year...the other one was kind of terrifying! He was an old hippy and they would dress his wife up as Mrs. Claus and she would sit there in a chair and sleep with her mouth wide open and snore! >:( Not a fun Santa experience for the kids!! lol I was doing pretty good on being ahead of the game with my December Daily, but I am slowly getting behind! I've gotta get going again!

Nirupama said...

Love your festive pages! So many great embellishments :)